Thursday, July 26, 2012

[Nearly] Wordless Wednesday - Doing Laundry

Yes, I know it's not Wednesday - I'm a little behind. But I'd like to start doing "Wordless Wednesday" where I post pictures, so that I can force myself to not only take photographs of my daily life (something I tend to avoid) but organize and post them in a timely manner so they don't end up in a giant, chaotic folder in some forgotten corner of my computer. Anyway, I don't want to have to wait till next week to get started, so I'm pretending it's Wednesday. Pretend with me! It will be great. You'll be all, "Oh, it's Wednesday, which would suck except I get to read Sarah's exciting, picturey new blog post" and THEN, even better, you'll wake up tomorrow expecting it to be Thursday, but it will be actually be FRIDAY, which is, of course, the best day of all. Trust me on this. Surprise Fridays are much better than regular Fridays.

Back to the subject at hand! Wordless Wednesday!

Today's Post: How Max and I Kill Time While We're Doing Laundry at My Parents' House. 

 This is the silver lining in the cloud of having a broken washing machine at home. :-)

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