Monday, August 20, 2012

Maternity Leave

You may be wondering what I do all day since I've been on leave from work for two weeks and don't yet have a baby. Well, besides gestating and toddler-wrangling, both of which are, if you ask me, pretty impressive daily feats in and of themselves, we spend our days doing the following:


Yes, I am thirty-nine weeks pregnant in this picture and rocking the Ergo. What the photo doesn't show are the small tantrums Max and I took turns having every eighth of a mile or so. A break from hiking may be in order after this. :-)

Doing Crafty Things

Scrapbooking for me
Painting, coloring, and cutting for Max

( ...And gluing. But there are no pictures of the gluing because Max decided that the glue stick was more interesting as a makeup applicator than as a craft tool and ended up coating half a stick onto his face and subsequently his hands and subsequently
my hands and I didn't feel like gluing myself to the camera at that point.
 ...We may hold off on trying the glue stick again for a few months.)


World's best banana bread recipe can be found here.
I left out the nuts in a rare display of sympathy toward Todd, who doesn't care for them in his baked goods (I know, I know... it's a good thing he's handsome and does the dishes or I may not have married him), and added chocolate chips on top. They didn't mix and ended up just sitting on top, but it worked out because it made a kind of delicious chocolaty crust.

Consuming Large
Quantities of Bunny
Grahams and Iced Tea on
the Patio and then 
Taking Cuddly Naps

Berry Picking

 Playing with Dada

Note poor Bop cast off to the side. Yet again. Sigh.

Reading, Drinking More Iced Tea and Taking More Cuddly Naps

Iced tea tastes much better in a Guiness glass than it does in plastic cup, I decided. But then again, EVERYTHING tastes better in a Guiness glass. Also, my Annie's bunny craving has been recently supplanted by an organic poptart craving, as you can see.

 Going For Walks With Friends

Playing with Pipe Cleaners

Well, why wouldn't you play with pipe cleaners??

Lamenting the Appearance of the 40 Week Stretch Marks

I didn't get stretch marks to speak of with Max until I was 40 weeks, either. They were slightly worse then than they are this time around. By 41 weeks with Max, though, they were taking over, and by 42 weeks my belly looked like a road map that had been scribbled on by a toddler wielding a red sharpie.
If any of my future kids actually come EARLY, maybe I can avoid stretch marks altogether! What a concept!


These are actually adorable baby booties, not decapitated toy puppy heads. In case you were wondering.

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