Thursday, October 11, 2012

Climbing Mount Pisgah

Today we went on a hike! Go us! There is a mild hill not terribly far away from where we live that goes by the name of Mount Pisgah. How they got "Mount" out of it, I have no idea, but that's what it's called. Aside from one steep stretch of trail, you'd never guess you were on a hill, let alone a Mount. But we desperately needed to get out hiking again and it is local and easy to get to and easy to climb and not too long, so it was a good choice for today.

The drive to the trailhead was lovely. There are an astounding number of random tiny little lakes in this part of Maine. They have typical weird Maine names, like "Annabessacook" and "Cobbosseecontee". (I know, right??) But they are just gorgeous, and surprisingly large, and all over the place.

The non-aquatic sights are pretty nifty, too:

But anyway. It took us about eight years to get to the trailhead because I demanded that Todd pull over and let me take pictures every half a mile or so, be we did finally get there, and the hike was lovely.

At the top of Mount Pisgah stands a fire tower, which you can climb - if you are very brave - to enjoy the commanding vista below.

I made it, white-knuckled and hyperventilating, to the 3rd platform before I couldn't take it anymore and headed back down. It was a tremendous adventure for someone as terrified of heights as I am, especially because the wind was blowing SOOO hard. I babbled a lot. Apparently I go all stream-of-consciousness when I am on the verge of flat-out panic.

I got a few good shots from my third platform perch, white knuckles and all. Luckily, Todd is far braver than I am, so he took my phone up to the the tippety top and got some snaps from up there, too. Rockin'.

So yeah. Not a bad start to things at all, after an eight week hiking hiatus! Maybe we'll go back sometime, and maybe if it's not so windy I'll even climb to the top of that tower myself. MAYBE.

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  1. Thanks for all the pictures. You took me there with you and I loved it.
    ~The Dad Guy