Saturday, September 1, 2012

Baby Days

Sorry things have been quiet on the blog front recently – obviously, I’ve been a bit preoccupied! In addition to said preoccupation, we don’t have internet at our house, which makes it that much harder to do fun bloggy stuff. Give me a few more weeks – once we get to Maine, we’ll be back on track!

In other news, though, I’ve been totally, completely enjoying my babymoon. Babies rock. Second babies rock even harder, because one gets to enjoy all of the fantastic newbornness without having to learn how to feed, hold, change diapers, manage the baby gear, deal with crying, and avoid panic. The second time around you just push the kid out, pop it on a boob, and move on with life – but your life then includes wonderful coos and squeaks, and the softest, sweet-smelling hair, and little toes, and ADORABLE baby clothes. Oh my goodness, the baby clothes – why are girl clothes so much cuter than boy clothes? I can’t get over the outfits. I totally saw myself as a boy mama before I had Catherine, and had no interest in outfits and thought the pink stuff on all the girls was completely overdone and silly, but now I am HOOKED. The pinker, the better, as far as I’m concerned. Seriously. It’s like playing dress-up with a baby doll times eight hundred. I was never tremendously into dressing up baby dolls, either, but oh, how things have changed!

Oh, how I missed you.
So yeah. Having a girl has been very, very fun. Also, though I really enjoyed the last trimester of this pregnancy, I have to say that it is nice to not be pregnant anymore for many reasons: a) it’s great to have a newborn (see paragraph above), b) I don’t have to do laundry as often now because I can actually fit into more than the 1 pair of shorts, 1 skirt, and maybe 3 shirts that were tiding me over there at the end, c) I’m no longer constantly hungry and constantly having to pee, d) I can lift heavy things without people yelling at me, and e) (and, obviously, most importantly of all) I CAN DRINK BEER AGAIN! Yay!! Like I said, I have been completely enjoying my babymoon.
Yay for movie cuddles.
Other enjoyable activites of late have included watching lots and lots and lots of movies (normally I don’t have the attention span to sit down and watch an entire movie, but I find that it’s much easier when I’m tired and floating in a hazy buzz of prolactin and other happy baby hormones and tucked beneath a pile of cuddly children), and raiding my carefully hoarded stash of freezer meals which means not having to cook (in my normal life I actually love cooking, but I haven’t lived my normal life in 9 months and probably won’t resume it for another two or so, so for now cooking is still a dreaded chore). Napping also plays prominently in my life at the present moment, although it’s admittedly a bit harder to coordinate now with three separate nappers, but not impossible.

Anyway. That’s what we’ve been up to lately. We’re leaving on Wednesday for New York to go to Todd’s brother’s wedding, so I’m trying to rest up as much as possible before that time. I’ll at least try really, really hard to do a Wordless Wednesday post next week, though I’ll probably have to do it in an airport from the iPad so I can’t promise anything too long or exciting. Stay tuned.


  1. LOVE IT - all of it! Thank you for sharing from your precious life with your special babies! Can't wait to meet Catherine. Have fun on the trip! So happy that worked out. Love you!

  2. "push it out, pop it on a boob...." Oh my God Sarah I love that :) It's exactly how I felt! Enjoy every minute of this!

  3. You look so complete now. Very happy for your new sized family! Now you guys can move in peace. I moved four months after having Brighton to another state too. your gonna have a great time. Babies are good on road trips.