Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Packing


  1. I know this is supposed to be wordless and all, but I do just have to say that the picture of me strapping down the cargo carrier just doesn't even come close to doing justice to showing how difficult and labor intensive the process was! You have to load it AFTER it's on top of the car - and the thing about minivans is that they are about three times as tall as normal cars, so that made the whole event that much more of a challenge. I was standing on my tiptoes and hanging off of the side rails while lifting and pushing around heavy objects for a good three hours... my calves and biceps are SORE.

  2. Also, the cargo carrier is WAY bigger than it looks in the picture. It contains: Two complete sets of snowshoes in bags, an entire bike trailer (folded down) stuffed with clothes, one bike trailer tire (couldn't fit both - the other will have to go down below), two comforters, a double sleeping bag, part of a tent, a sizeable assortment of miscellaneous camping paraphernalia including a pretty big LED lantern, mugs, travel Scrabble, travel Battleship, random clothes and blankets crammed in as fillers, and a huge, at-least-thirty-pounds-but-probably-more vacuum-sealed bag of clothes, and probably other things that I am forgetting. And I probably could have squeezed more in there if my calves hadn't given out on me.