Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life Lately

Hey! It's us again. The Nichols. You know, the ones in the Nook. 
We thought you might enjoy a brief review of our lives as of late.

Those eyes! They never end.

These eyes never end either! What is it with these kids?
Max's new favorite game is building castles and making train tracks with our Mexican Train domino set.
...Or watching me build castles before he knocks them down and then chasing my little plastic train with his little plastic train and crashing them together and making explosion noises, at any rate.
 Same difference.
He's a beautiful child, but for some reason feels that he must always have a bruise or cut on his nose/cheek/forehead. Always. I'm not sure I'd recognize him without one.

More walks! More pictures! 
More exclamation points than ever before!

Capitol Park in Augusta. Glorious in the fall!

I took this picture by accident. It has not been edited in any way.
I know, right?

Baby C kickin' it with a seagull at some beach in Saco we found after church.
That house is for sale, by the way.
Go ahead. You know you want to move to Maine. 
I can even help you pack for your trip.
Do it.
The seagulls are very friendly, when they aren't trying to devour you.

 Yep. Like a boss.

Big boy swing! And he didn't even fall off! I guess Max does the park like a boss, too.


Perpetually messy hair (and I don't mean Max's), race cars, babies out of my ears, and pearl onions.
Yep, sounds about right.

Child 1: "GOTCHA! Haha!"
Child 2: "Egads!"
(Yes. 'Egads'. I mean really, what other word on the planet could she possibly be saying in this picture?)

I know. I can't handle it either.

Requisite beer-related picture. This weekend we went to Lewiston for an open house held by Baxter for the release of their newest offering, Phantom Punch Winter Stout, which gets a definite Official Nook Seal of Approval.

What's that you say?
You want an Official Nook Seal of Approval, too?
Well, then, go brew something delicious.
Or move to Maine.
Either one.

And they all lived happily ever after.


  1. Sarah, you have some very beautiful pictures and a very cute family!! (Ali's Mom)